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All cables sold after February 2008 are 2nd-generation cables.

Do I Have a 2nd-Generation Cable?

Durametric version 6 is only compatible with our 2nd generation cables. If you purchased your kit after February 2008, then you have a 2nd-generation cable.

If you aren't sure, check this list:
  • Cables with a white, label-wrapped box in the middle of the wire are 1st-generation cables.
  • Cables with the LED light on the OBDII connector can be either 1st- or 2nd-generation.
    • If the cable has the LED light on the side of the connector housing that reads "Durametric," then it is a 2nd-generation interface cable and it is compatible.
    • If the cable has the LED light on the side of the connector housing that reads "Enthusiast" or "Professional," then it is a 1st-generation interface cable and not compatible.
  • Customers with 1st-generation cables can upgrade to the 2nd-generation for $150 USD, plus shipping.
  • For more information about why we are not supporting the 1st-generation cables with version 6, please see our Upgrade FAQ.
How Do I Upgrade My 1st-Generation Cable?

  1. Contact Durametric to get your unique RMA number.
  2. Send your old cable and your RMA number to:
    • Durametric Software Inc.
      Attn: Upgrades
      61451 Parrell Road
      Bend, Oregon 97702
    The RMA number must appear on the outside of your shipping box or written on a piece of paper and included inside the box.
  3. Upon receipt of your old cable, we will contact you immediately to arrange for the purchase and shipping of your new cable.